Saturday, September 10, 2011

Open Permissions.

I have removed the private setting on the class blog for now.  So, you will not need to login in order to view the posts.  Since we don't have any pictures on the blog and it is just general information, I figured that it was okay to have it as an open blog.  I have also had people mention that they have had issues logging on.  I want everyone to have access to the links on the sidebar so that the students can practice as much of the curriculum at home as possible :)

Once I start posting pictures, if there are any concerns, I will make the blog private again.

 We had a GREAT week with science last week.  We were able to make some chemical reactions with soda and vinegar, milk and vinegar, and we also made "Flubber" (Glurox).  It was really fun to see the students reactions to these experiments!

Next week we will take our end of unit test on matter and physical and chemical changes.  We will also begin our unit on Exploration and Colonization in Social Studies.

Remember to have your student log on to Utah Write as often as possible.  This will REALLY help them with their writing this year.

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