Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Week Success!

So far so good this week.  I am pleased with how AMAZING all of my students have been so far.  When you have about 150 students, that's saying a lot!!!

Just a quick update on stuff we have covered this week. . .

Items Needed by MONDAY 08/19/2013:
Composition Notebook, Yellow Highlighter, Folder with prongs, Pencils

Disclosure Statements should be signed and turned in by Friday August 16th.

QUIZ! On Friday 08/16.  Are you ready???  The quiz will be facts about Mrs. Simonson and our class goals, procedures, and expectations.

Next Week:
*  Scientific Method
*  Policies/Procedures and Lab Safety

Here is a song to get you started with the Scientific Method.  Enjoy!

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