Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Test Hints and Helps

Are you ready for our test coming up on November 4th??? Here are some things that will help you  know if you are ready. . .

1.  Are all of your assignments completed?  Each assignment that we do in class will help prepare you for our tests.  If you get behind and need extra help, make sure and ask to be "stamped" so I can help you during REAL Time.

2.  Have you read your textbook?  Our textbook has all of the concepts that we are learning in class and by reading it, you will get to know the concepts better.

3.  Have you studied your vocabulary pages?  If not, YOU SHOULD!  Understanding science vocabulary is key to understanding the concepts we are learning.

4.  Do you know the answers to our "I Can" statements?  If you do, GREAT!  If not, study them and ask questions if you need to.

5.  Are you paying attention in class?  Listening and participating in class discussions is a great way to learn our science concepts.

6.  Are you asking for help when you need it?  DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS!  That is how you learn.  Besides, the person next to you may be wondering the same thing as you and your question might start a great class discussion!

7.  Are you checking the class blog regularly for posts relating to the concepts we are learning?  PLEASE DO!  I always try and keep the blog updated with the information we are learning in class.  It's a great resource.

8.  Do you do your homework assignments?  If you do, do you put some effort into actually LEARNING the concepts?  Or do you just rush through the assignments?  The assignments you are given were chosen because they will help you understand the concepts you are being tested on.

9.  Have you reviewed your class notes?  You should!  I had you write them down for a reason :)

10.  Do you come to class each day prepared to learn something new?  I certainly hope so!  Remember: the expert in anything was once a beginner!  Try hard and do your BEST and you will find success!!!

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