Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Almost There!

We are ALMOST done for the year!  Here is an update on how we will spend the next couple of days :)

                     Hot Air Balloon Contest with 4th grade
                     Swap Meet Ticket Drawing
                     Clean up & Pack Up the classroom

                 Last Day Assembly
                 Last goodbyes :(
                 Hand out report cards

I hope you all have a SPECTACULAR SUMMER!!!  Be safe and BE AMAZING in 6th grade!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Are you feeling like all we do is review and test?  Well, lately we have been hitting the reviewing and testing pretty hard, but it is paying off! We TOTALLY ROCKED the end-of-level Language Arts test!  I am SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!!

This week we will finish up our math testing and start our science testing.  I know you will be AMAZING!  Just take a few deep breaths and focus.  Take your time and DO YOUR BEST! :)

But most of all. . .