Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Peppered Moth Activity

Today in class we reviewed mimicry and camouflage in animals.  Then each student got to color a moth  and try to camouflage it in the classroom.  We had 3 "birds" come in and see how many moths they could find and eat.  The moth survivors were given a prize :)

I was impressed with some of the camouflaging techniques that were used.  It was a great activity and the students were able to see how camouflaging helps animals to survive.

If you were absent and you want to try a Peppered Moth activity at home, CLICK HERE to link over to a lesson you could try.  It's not the same one we did in class, but it looks like it might be kind of fun!

Also, below are some Peppered Moth videos that we watched that were kind of interesting.

Have fun learning!!!

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