Monday, April 28, 2014

Testing Hints and Helps

Tomorrow we start our SAGE end-of-level testing for Science 7.  We have worked hard all year to learn the Science 7 concepts needed for the tests and we have spent two weeks reviewing these concepts.

Tonight and the rest of this week, there is even more YOU can do on your own to help you be successful on the test.

1.  Get plenty of rest.  A good night's sleep will help you stay focused and awake on test days.
2.  Eat a good breakfast.  Your brain needs fuel in order to think.  Don't skip breakfast!

What should you review?

  • I Can Statements.  These are a review of EVERYTHING we have learned this year. 
  • UTIPS practice tests.  You can review these as many times as you want. 
  • Your textbook and science journal.
  • This blog.  Our class blog has a ton of information from the concepts taught this year.
  • And last, but not least. . .Do you understand the following essential standards?  If not, do some research and review what you don't know/remember.  

7th grade Science Essential Standards
Students will:
  • ·       Understand that everything is made of matter and that matter is made of atoms
    ·       Be able to measure the mass and volume of matter using appropriate instruments
    ·       Identify the three main states of matter and how their particles move
    ·       Relate that Earth has layers because of density
    ·       Understand that matter can layer according to density and size of the particles
    ·       Know that the basic unit of life is the cell
    ·       Identify key differences between asexual and sexual reproduction (# of parents, % DNA the same, etc…)
    ·       Know the difference between acquired and inherited traits and give at least one example for each
    ·       Know that objects and organisms are classified based on structure
    ·       Be able to use a simple classification key to identify an object
Remember to be on time and try not to be absent if at all possible this week.

Good luck!!!

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