Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Volume, Mass, Density REVIEW

Do you remember how to find to volume of a regular shaped solid?  How about an irregular shaped solid?  Can you find the volume of a liquid?  How about finding density or mass of an object?

Let's review! (Use the Review Sheet FOUND HERE to complete the items below).  The practice questions we did in class (pink paper) can be found HERE and HERE.  You will need to do both of them.

1.  Volume of a regular shape:

REMEMBER- L X W X H = Volume of a REGULAR shaped object

  2.  Volume of an irregular shaped object:

REMEMBER!  Use water displacement to find the volume of an irregular shaped object.

3.  Volume of a liquid: 

REMEMBER! You read the bottom of the meniscus to find the volume of a liquid.

 4. Finding Mass

REMEMBER! To find MASS, you use a triple beam balance.
 Mass and Weight are NOT the same thing!

5.  Finding Density 

REMEMBER!  d = m/v

Need extra help???  HERE is a GREAT place to get some information to help you practice finding mass, volume, and density.

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