Friday, May 2, 2014

Scientific iMovie

Ready?  Set?  ACTION!

You and your partners are going to create an iMovie about a concept from the 8th grade science core. This project will give you a head start on concepts you will learn next year in Science.

Choose any of the I Can Statements from 8th grade to base your movie on.  You will only use ONE "I Can" statement for your movie.  You need to make sure your movie makes sense and has a beginning, middle, and end, etc.  Also, make sure you follow the requirements listed on the grading rubric.

The videos below will help answer questions you may have about using iMovie.

Remember to BE CREATIVE and HAVE FUN!

Here is a link to the grading rubric that will be used to grade your iMovie project :)

PLEASE REFER TO THE VIDEOS FOR HELP.  They are only 2-3 minutes each and will be a great resource to help you.

1.  iMovie: Basics
2.  iMovie: Media Management
3.  iMovie: Adding Images and Video
4.  iMovie: Recording Audio
5.  iMovie: Adding Audio
6.  iMovie: Adding Titles
7.  iMovie: Creating a Rough Cut
8.  iMovie: Adding Transitions and Effects
9.  iMovie: Exporting and Publishing

Is your Science iMovie complete?  CLICK HERE to find out how to upload it :)

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