Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Compounds and Molecules

Today in class we learned about compounds and molecules.  We also discussed the size of atoms compared to the size of molecules.  Which one is bigger???

If you were absent today, here is some information to help you.  If you weren't absent, this information will still help you study for the test that is coming up in a few weeks :)

What is an atom?  CLICK HERE to find out.
What is a molecule?  CLICK HERE to find out.
Read more about compounds and molecules HERE.

Use the information on the links above to fill in the information in your blue Atoms and Molecules book that is in your Matter File Folder.

Don't have your Atoms and Molecules book?  CLICK HERE to print out a new one.

After we finished the Atoms and Molecules book, we did a lab activity where we made molecules. You can CLICK HERE for a copy of the worksheet we used to make our molecules.  We will correct it after Bell Work tomorrow :)

Have FUN learning!

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