Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Billion Dollar Drill to Earth's Mantle

Here is today's in-class assignment.  Do each of the following in the order listed below.
Good luck and happy learning! :)

 1. Watch the video below about the Billion Dollar Drill

2. Write a  COMPLETE paragraph on lined paper about what you think they might find if they successfully drill to the mantle. Do you think that scientists current theories will be proven right or wrong? Why? Explain with details. (You can write it on lined paper, or type it and share it with me on Google Drive).

3. Complete the density sorting worksheet. Make sure and glue the sediments in order on the bottom of the paper.

4. Complete the Earth's Layers page. Make sure and add all of the written information to yours so it looks like the one HERE.  When you are done labeling it, color the layers.  Do your best work.

5. Hand in your paragraph (or share it on Google Drive) and the density sorting/earth's layers worksheet.

6. Check PowerSchool to see if you have any missing assignments.

7. Work on missing assignments.  The end of the trimester is NEXT WEEK!!!

8.  When you are finished with today's work and any missing work, you may do any of the following: read quietly, explore the class website, do extra credit.


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