Thursday, November 20, 2014

3.1 Quiz REVIEW

Here are some "Hints and Helps" to help you on our quiz tomorrow.  Just go through them and make sure you know the answers.  You don't need to hand them in, just review any of the questions you may not remember. 

Good luck and have FUN learning!!! :)

1.  What instrument is best for viewing cells and cell parts?
2.  What is a cell?
3.  Cells perform the basic functions of _____________________.
4.  What organelle controls cell functions and acts like the brain of a cell?
5.  What is the substance that holds organelles in place inside a cell?
6.  Which part of the cell contains genetic information?
7.  What are the food-making structures in plant cells?
8.  Which cell organelle do ALL cells have that controls the movement of materials into and out of the cell?
9.  Which organelles would you expect a plant cell to have, but not an animal cell?
10.  Sketch the shape of a plant cell.
11.  Sketch the shape of an animal cell.
12.  What is the function of the chloroplast in a plant cell?
13.  What is the difference between a cell wall and a cell membrane?
14.  What is the process by which water moves across a cell membrane?
15.  A cell is placed into pure water.  What will happen to its size?
16.  Why does sugar stay inside a cell?  (Think about why the tea leaves stayed inside the teabag) 
17.  Why does osmosis occur? (Think about Earth's structure and gravity)
18.  How do cells get energy from food?
19.  What do cells do with waste products?
20.  Why are only plant cells able to produce food from sunlight?
21.  What guides all cell processes?  In other words, what organelle is like the brain of a cell?
22.  What is the difference between diffusion and osmosis?
23.  Compare and contrast plant and animal cells.  

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