Friday, March 27, 2015

Cells and Genetics Review Tests

Happy Friday!  We have a lot to get done today.  Please don't waste anytime.  Get started and work hard :)  Have a MARVELOUS weekend!

Here's what we are doing in class today:

1.  Bell Work- Flashback Friday!  Hand in when you are done.

2.  Take the Cells Test on UTIPS.  Record your score on your tracker.

3.  Take the Genetics Test on UTIPS.  Record your score on your tracker.

4.  Work on the Cells and Genetics Review (purple paper).  It is due on Tuesday.

5.  Finish taking your EOL Reviews on UTIPS.  Record your scores on your tracker.

6.  If you are done with everything listed above, you can do any of the following:
            a. read quietly
            b. explore the class website
            c.  study your notes for our upcoming end of level tests
            d.  work on homework from another class

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