Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday~Early Out!

Shortened class periods today means you don't have any time to waste!  Tomorrow we will review for the test in class.  The Standard 5 Classification Test has been moved to Wednesday.  Make sure you have your classification review paper 100% completed and ready to turn in tomorrow (Tues. 03/03/15).

Here is what we are doing in class today :)

1.  Bell Work
2.  UTIPS- 5.3 Classification Quiz.  It is only 13 questions.  Do your best.  Retake it if you score       below an 80%.
3.  UTIPS- Finish 5.2 Quiz and Classification Practice test if you haven't already. Remember to       retake them if you score below 80%.
4.  Finish your Classification Review
5.  Power School- Check for missing assignments.  Many of you are still missing your 5.1 Vocabulary that was due on February 12th!  Let's get it done and handed in A.S.A.P.
6.  Complete any missing assignments.
7.  If you are 100% done with EVERYTHING then you may read quietly or work on an assignment from another class. . . but, you may NOT bother anyone around you.

Good luck and have FUN learning!!!

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