Friday, August 21, 2015

FRiDaY! First Week Success!

We had an AMAZING first full week of second grade.  We learned a lot and even celebrated a birthday with cupcakes today.  YUM!

Here's what we did this week in literacy:

  • Spelling Words with Short A and Short I sounds
  • Vocabulary
  • Statements and Questions
  • Writing
  • Characters and Setting
  • Reading
  • AND we also started working in centers :)

Here's what we did this week in math:

  • Different ways to add using number lines, grouping to 10's, 10 frames, and adding 3 numbers.

Here's what we did in science:

  • Met Mr. Bananas
  • Scientific Method
  • Gravity

See!  I told you we learned a lot!!!  Any of the concepts that we learned in class would be a great review at home.  Also, KEEP ON READING!  Better readers are better students.

As promised,  here are the two science songs we watched in class today.  Enjoy!!!

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