Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello, Monday!

We had a busy day in class today.  We learned all kinds of stuff :)  Just in case you want to review what we learned in class today when you are at home, here is a list of things to review:

1.  What is a sentence?
2.  What is a statement?
3.  What is a question?

1.  What is an addend?
2.  What is a sum?
3.  Does changing the order of the addends change the sum?

Also, don't forget to review our vocabulary words (different, carefully, whisper, excited, groan).  You don't need to know how to spell them. . .you just need to understand what they mean.

Spelling test is on Friday!  Your spelling words are listed on the class newsletter that was sent home today.  CLICK HERE to go over to Spelling City to practice your spelling words.

Have FUN learning!!!

PS- Below are some SUPER FUN ways to review what we did in class :)

Statement or Question?
Statement, Question, Command, or Explanation? 
Grammar Practice Park- Sentence Clubhouse

Addends and Sum Song 

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