Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Field Trip Photos

Here are some pictures of our class field trip. I PROMISE that I was not playing favorites :)   If you don't see your student, it isn't because I forgot to take their picture. They divided us up into three separate groups. So, unfortunately, that meant that I could only get pictures of the students that ended up in my group.  I am going to check with some of the other groups and see if anyone in those groups was taking pictures.  If they were, I will get them posted.  ENJOY!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Zion National Park Field Trip

I just wanted to remind everyone that on Monday, October 10, we have our field trip to Zion National Park. The weather has been a little bit wet the past few days, so hopefully it will be nice for us on our field trip.

There a couple of things that I need to make sure everyone knows. Make sure that your student wears LONG pants and close toed shoes. Shorts, skirts, capris, and sandals will not be allowed on the trip. The park is requiring this, so there can be no exceptions. Please have your student come dressed appropriately on Monday morning. Also, if they didn't sign up for school lunch, don't forget to have them bring their sack lunch with them.

Just a reminder that next week is also a short week. There is no school on Thursday or Friday. Enjoy your time off and go and do something FUN! :)