Monday, February 25, 2013

All About Circles Topic 15.4/15.5

We are reviewing for our test which will be tomorrow.  Make sure you ask if you have any questions about what we have learned in this math topic.

For your computer center today:

1. CLICK HERE and read the page about Circle Facts. 

2.  CLICK HERE and read a little bit more about circles.

3.  CLICK HERE and watch the video about finding circumference.  

3.  Now play the circle games below:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Math Topic 15.3

Mr. Johnson, a math teacher from Boston, wants to teach you a little bit more about circles and pi.  Have fun watching!!! :)

When you are done, play the games below:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Math Topic 15.2

Learning Objective:  I will understand the meaning of Pi.

1.  CLICK HERE and read the information about Pi.

2.  Go to the Math Centers Dropbox folder and open the page called "All About Pi".  Fill in the answers to the questions using the information you just read on the link up above.

3.  If you haven't finished the videos about circumference on Learn Zillion from yesterday, finish those.

4.  When you are done, play some of the games down below.  They will help you understand how to use Pi to find circumference.  

Math Topic 15.1 Understanding Circumference

We are going to be working with circumference for Topic 15.  So, put your thinking caps on and get ready to LEARN! :)

For your computer math center today, you are going to CLICK HERE and log into Learn Zillion with your account information.  Then you will complete the videos that have been assigned about circumference and area of a circle.

Make sure you pay attention.  The information in the videos will be EXTREMELY helpful to you on your math test this week. 

When you are done, write down an explanation for Pi in your math journal.  Need extra help?  Go back and watch the video, or do a Google search on "What is Pi?".

Happy Learning!!!  :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

14.5 Understanding Ratios

What do you already know about ratios? What do ratios tell us?

Ratios are a comparison of two numbers or quantities. They can be written with a fraction bar, the word "to", or even a symbol : (which we call a colon) Example: If I have 6 blue marbles in a bag and 4 read marbles in a bag, the ratio of blue to red would be written in one of these ways: 6:4, 6 to 4, or 6/4.

Did you know??? 3:2, 3 to 2 and 3/2 would be equivalent ratios to 6:4. How do you know??? This will be helpful information for the math test that we will be taking on Monday. Good luck!!!

Math Centers:

1. CLICK HERE to watch a video about understanding ratios.

2.  Now play some games using ratios:

Ratio Blaster 

Ratio Coloring

Ratio Stadium

Ratio Patterns

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Vocabulary 4.6

Don't you just LOVE learning new words???  I know that I do!  Here are your vocabulary words for this week.  Have fun learning!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dividing to Find Unit Price

GWM Topic 14.2 Dividing to Find Unit Price

Learning Objective:  I will understand how to calculate the costs per unit.

Watch the video below.  Make sure you watch carefully!  You will have questions to answer when the video is over.

Finding Unit Prices: Finding Unit Prices

 Now answer the following questions in Notability on your iPad:

If a 6 pack of soda costs $3.29, how much does 1 can cost?

If an 8 pack of notepads costs $11.20, how much does 1 notepad cost?

Next,  play the games listed below:

Deep Dive Division

Alien Munchtime Division

Skater Math (Choose division or multiplication)

Divisibility Rules Game