Weird Science

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I Am Batman

Smelling Farts is Good for Your Health

How to Control Someone Else's Arm with your Brain

Your Spontaneous Brain

Could a Blind Eye Regenerate?

Evolution of the Human Eye

2,400-year Search for Atomic Theory

At What Moment are you Dead?

What Triggers a Chemical Reaction?

Daddy Long Leg Fossils 

Robots the Size of Rice

How Vaccines Work

Computer Model DNA for Birds

How Whales Breathe, Communicate, & Fart with their Faces

Take a Nap

Parasitic Amoeba Eats People Alive, Bite by Bite

Ocean Depth Visual

The Danger of Silence 

How Many Cells in Your Brain?

T-Cell Therapy Puts Leukemia Patients in Remission 

Electric Race Cars 

The Universal Human Right to Poop

Math Anxiety & Genetics 

Superhero Lunch Ladies

Nova: Inside Animal's Minds- Birds

The Inventor of the Web Asks, What's Next?

Glowing Ring Powered by Body Heat

Dancing Animals

Killer Amoeba Chews on Living Gut Cells 

Prosthetic Limbs 

DNA Nanobots in Living Cockroaches   OR CLICK HERE

Mexican Blind Cave Fish

Ravenous Deer 

How to Spot a Liar

Son of a Terrorist Chooses Peace 

Virtual Reality 

Hidden Miracles of the Natural World 

Fruit Flies Mimic Fighter Jets 

4 Amazing Things NASA Invented

Stripy Stick Insect That Walked With Dinosaurs 

Dancing Bionic Legs 

The Calvin Cycle

Hidden Sugar in Your Food

What is Alzheimer's Disease?

How Sugar Affects the Brain 

Weird, Wonderful World of Bioluminescence

How Big is the Ocean?

Underwater Astonishments .

Should We Eat Bugs?

Pixar: The Math Behind the Movies

How Many Ways Can You Arrange a Deck of Cards?

The Science of Spiciness 

The Hidden Beauty of Pollen

Just How Small is an Atom? 

What's Invisible?  More Than You Think!

The Food Chain: Rewilding Our World 

Dead Stuff 

Eli the Eel 

Penguins: Popularity, Peril, and Poop

Glacier Cave Discoveries

Cicadas: The Dormant Army Beneath Your Feet 

The Operating System of Life  

Why Does Ice Float on Water? 

What's the Shape of a Molecule?

The Science of Macaroni Salad: What's in a Molecule?

The Science of Macaroni Salad: What's in a Mixture?

If Molecules Were People

Describing the Invisible Properties of Gas 

How to Speed Up Chemical Reactions  

Jelly Fish Diapers 

Fifty Unbelievable Facts About Earth

Human Aging Software 

Baby Memories 

Helicopter Flies

Rare Oarfish Footage

Why Do People See Faces in the Moon? 

Why is Ketchup so Hard to Pour?

Is Time Travel Possible?

Transforming Helicopter-Truck 

Hidden Miracles of the Natural World 

Antidepressants Are Not Cheering Up Aquatic Life 

Depressed Dogs and Cats 


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