Sunday, September 8, 2013

Living, Non-Living, Once Living

Learning Objective:  I will understand the difference between living, non-living and once living.  

Living, Non-Living, Once Living.  Is there a difference???  Of course there is!  We talked about the Characteristics of Life in class all last week.  If you have forgotten and need a reminder, see the blog post just below this one.

The Characteristics of Life help us to define whether something is living, non-living, or once living.

Tonight's homework: (Due Tuesday 09/10/13)

1.  Read pages 116-121 in your text book.

2.  Answer questions 1-5 on page 122.

3.  Watch the video below :)


 PS- Don't forget our new vocabulary words from last week. These are definitely words you should know!

cell, organism, growth, development, reproduction, 
cellular respiration, classification, living, nonliving, once living 

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