Friday, November 21, 2014

Cell Organelles Review and Quiz

Here is what we are doing in class today.  Complete each of them in the order listed below.  Make good use of your time and DO NOT bother your neighbors.  Some of them have a lot of make up work to do.

Good luck and have FUN learning!!! :)

1.  Complete Flashback Friday Bell Work.  Remember that it should be 3 IMPORTANT facts you learned this week in science.

2.  UTIPS- Login: lunch #  PW:  Last name (capital letter) Take the 3.1 Cells Quiz.  Record your score on your yellow tracker in your science binder.

3.  Check Power School to see if you are missing any assignments in science.

4.  If you are all caught up you may do any of the following: read quietly,, explore the class website, Weird Science extra credit.

What you may NOT do is waste time or bother the people around you.

Here are some fun links you may want to try out!

Cell Organelle Matching Game
Match it up! 
Label the animal cell
Label the plant cell

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