Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Can Statements: End of Year Review

The end of the school year is quickly approaching and before I know it all of my students will be gone and moving on to the middle school.  Kind of crazy to think about!

We have covered five standards in Science 7 this year.  It is a lot of information and we have done many activities throughout the year to try and make sure that the students have learned all they need to, not only to be successful on the test, but to be successful next year in 8th grade science.

Next week we will start reviewing for our new SAGE testing.  Throughout the year students have measured their progress in science by looking at "I Can" statements and deciding whether or not they have learned the information and then providing evidence to show they have learned the information.

Part of the review will be going through the "I Can" statements and seeing what the students remember and deciding from there what we need to review.

A copy of the "I Can" review can be found by CLICKING HERE.  We will work on them in class the next few days and then start our review on Monday.

Good luck!!!  Have fun learning!!!

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