Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Classification Assessment!

Today we will be assessing Standard 5 Classification.  We reviewed yesterday and everyone did GREAT on our review, so I expect that you will do amazing things on the test today!!! :)

Here's what is on the agenda today:

1.  UTIPS- Classification Test

2.  UTIPS- Practice Review Test- Yes, this will go on your grade.  Do your best!

3.  Check PowerSchool for any missing assignments.

4.  Work on missing assignments.  Let's NOT leave for Spring Break with any missing work.  PLEASE get caught up before Friday.

5.  If you are all caught up you can do any of the following:  Read quietly, Weird Science Extra Credit, Work on something from another class, Explore the class blog (have you checked out the interactives tab???).

Good luck on your test and have FUN learning!!! :) :) :)

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